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Wholesale & Stylist / Salon Partnership Option Plan





Thank you for your interest in our Wholesale Option & Partnership  Plan . This is for those individulas who love hair extentsions  who want to save money or for those who want to make money. Below Simply breaks down how each option works

WHOLESALE – In order for you to qualify for our wholesale pricing, the indiviual must order a min of 10 pieces per order. The order can be mixed with a combination of closures, bundles, frontals, or wigs.  To order please email us at and we will provide you with a pricelist .


STYLIST & SALON PARTNERSHIP- In order to qualify you must be a lisenced hair stylist or salon owner. A special pricing is avaliable for you to upsell to your customer / clients. You can order as you need the product , no min is required. For a pricelist simply eamil us